The Bus should be cheap mass transit

Bus in Dewsbury

In West Yorkshire they are an expensive niche product!

Carless local families cannot afford the bus fares to shop in Dewsbury town centre. A family of four, living just a couple of miles out of town, would have to fork out over ten quid for a return trip to the town centre.

Most local bus journeys cost at least twice as much per mile as a rail trip.

Put another way if ten families were on each bus taking the twelve minute journey the bus company would be grossing two hundred and fifty quid an hour per bus!

The prohibitively high fares charged to occasional bus users, occur despite government subsidizing bus services, they are caused by government granting local monopolies to bus companies. In the absence of true local competition regulating the maximum charge per mile is the best solution.

This is a Lib Dem priority for change!

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