Layla Moran MP

Layla Moran speaks out on the Middle East

Layla Moran MP, the Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson has written this week in The Muslim News about the situation in the Middle East.

This is very personal for Layla as her mother comes from the Old City in Jerusalem.

As well as reading out the names of some of the innocent children who have lost their lives in Gaza she asked an urgent question in the House of Commons. The minister condemned the attacks of Hammas but refused to criticise the disproportionate Israeli government response which has cost so many innocent lives.

Ms Moran wrote “Our government needs to acknowledge the provocative timing of the attacks during Ramadan. It is high time that Britain should recognise the state of Palestine as over 130 UN member states have done. That would give hope to my relatives who still live on the West Bank”

Layla’s full article is available on The Muslim News website now.

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