Top Three Priorities For Government

John Rossington’s Top Three Priorities for Government

1 Fairness at Work and at Home

Happy Lib Dem Group

John Rossington is a team player. The team goal: Transform society - Create genuine opportunity and responsibility for all.

Fair Taxes: We will make sure that big businesses pay their fair share, support small and medium sized enterprises and ensure that income earned from wealth is less privileged in the taxation system.

We will set a 20 per cent higher minimum wage for people on zero-hour contracts at times of normal demand to compensate them for the uncertainty of fluctuating hours of work.

We will introduce new Skills Wallets for every adult in England, giving them £10,000 to spend on education and training throughout their lives.

2 Fund Public Services Properly


Stop the under-funding and cuts to our local schools, NHS, police force and other vital public services.

We will raise £7 billion a year from a 1p in the pound rise in Income Tax, and earmark it to relieve the crisis in social care, tackle workforce shortages, and invest in mental health and prevention services.

3 Protect Our Environment

House with Solar Panels

We will invest more in green technology to create new jobs and help tackle the climate emergency.

Lib Dem Energy Secretary Ed Davey MP started the investment program during the coalition government in 2012.

Then Conservative PM David Cameron infamously decided to Drop the Green Crap when he won a majority in 2015!

Unlike the Conservative Party the Liberal Democrats take global warming seriously!

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