Craig Armistead's Top Three Priorities

Craig Armistead’s Top Three Priorities

Craig at Bottle Recycling Point

1 Double Kirklees Waste Recycling Rate

Cars at Waste Site

Kirklees Councils Recycling in England’s bottom 10%

Recycling is not just a pastime or an activity for enthusiasts, but a vital step we all can take in tackling this climate emergency.
Kirklees Council’s continued poor performance fails to give us the tools we need to play our part. With a spread-out population our villages need a recycling service that is fit for purpose in the twenty-first century.

With the right motivation and leadership, we can do a lot better, and the results speak for themselves.

Four of the top five councils for recycling in the country are run by the Lib Dems.
If you want our council to take this problem seriously; if you want them to drive forward the changes that we need to tackle the climate emergency; if you demand better, then vote Lib Dem on May 6th.

2 Better Buses Services

Tiger Bus

We need quicker and more frequent buses to get us from our villages to the local towns.

3 After the Pandemic

The Environment and Global Warming become first priority

We will invest more in green technology to create new jobs and help tackle the climate emergency.

Lib Dem Energy Secretary Ed Davey MP, now Party Leader, started the investment program during the coalition government in 2012.

Vince Cable as coalition Business Secretary started the Green Investment Bank which the Conservatives have since sold off.
We need a new Green Investment Bank

Locally we need to encourage more walking and cycling instead of motoring especially for short journeys. Improving individual health and reducing environment polution.

Then Conservative PM David Cameron infamously decided to Drop the Green Crap when he won a majority in 2015! Now Boris Johnson is wrapping himself in green rhetoric but can he be trusted?

Unlike the Conservative Party the Liberal Democrats take global warming seriously!


Published and Promoted Stephen Bird on behalf of:

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